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Post  --Account Deleted-- Fri Oct 29, 2010 4:36 am

Jan has now been promoted to Global Admin and has admin/moderator privileges throughout the entire Forum, just as I used to have. All members of the Biomass Studios Development Team have also been granted admin privileges. I have programmed a simple PHPbb UI in order to make it easier to perform administrative duties and maintenance on the Forums. To access it, simply scroll down the entire forum page to the bottom, and click the 'Administration Panel' link. This is extremely powerful, and the learning curve is fairly steep, but you will have control over the entire forum from here (though obviously there is an admin hierarchy, with Jan's admin/moderator command overriding all else's.)

I will be deleting my account now. This is probably my last post on these forums.

Jonathan Gorard

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EX Reggae Speed Programmer

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