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Model renders v1 Empty Model renders v1

Post  janpec1000 on Wed Aug 11, 2010 4:32 am

Ok i am going to post here some of models that i have been making recently. Few of them has been already finished before and they fit very well in this project so we can use them (for example camel was used for MMO but we can totaly use it on beach as turist attraction).
There is still some work need to be done on texturing for all of them.

This is water tower example.
Model renders v1 Indplantationrend1

Camel model.
Model renders v1 Camelrend3

Cactus model. This cactus models will be probably just placeholders , since we need a bit more realistic cactus models, or at least have to have spikes. I am still searching for plant modeling application so far i have to decide which one to use.
Model renders v1 Cactusrend2

Here is damaged bridge, basicly its leaning on left side a bit.
Model renders v1 Bridgerend1

Another render of this bridge.
Model renders v1 Bridgerend2

Wrecked bottle from sea. We will be avoiding model small like this, becouse more or less are not even visible trough gameplay and they still consume some VRAM with their 150 polys or more.
Model renders v1 Bottlerend2

This is just placeholder for boeing model. I will create another correct version somewhen later, this one will be used for placeholder until then. We will also have game story (probably) which would also take a place in airplane a bit (cinematics), so we will also need to model inside items of airplane. But we will leave this as second priority for now.
Model renders v1 Boeingrend1

Sign which shows in whic way is bay located. I have made 3 versions : Bay Negro, Bay Blanco and Cave.
Model renders v1 Baysignrend1

Model of destroyed Curtis airplane.
Model renders v1 Airplanerend1

There are also a lot models done by Todd already, but i wont be posting his models up before i am texturing them.

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Model renders v1 Empty Fantastic!

Post  --Account Deleted-- on Wed Aug 11, 2010 5:14 am

These look great, but uploading them here seems rather inefficient, so I also wanted to tell you that I have an SVN Source-Repository working (developed as part of my Toolkit), where you could upload the Model Files as well as other things. Contact me on MSN to find out more...

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